New Chefs Cooking with Ontario Pork



Last Tuesday I had the honour of being a guest speaker at Robert Bateman High School with Ontario Pork. Mr. Douglas Cooper, who was kind enough to invite me to his class is not only a teacher, but a chef as well. As soon as I heard this I jumped at the chance to go and teach his culinary summer school about Ontario pork, marketing, food trends, and nutrition. After the talk was over the students got to have some hands on experience with pork tenderloin. With much enthusiasm the students illustrated the diversity of this very nutritious cut of pork by splitting into four groups all of which create different dishes using this one cut.  

Here are some of the recipes we made:

For these recipes and more visit our recipe section!
Thank you once again to Mr. Cooper and his class, you guys did an amazing job and all of the food tasted absolutely perfect! Not only did you create amazing dishes but it was also rather nutritious, great job guys!

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