Ontario Pork in Codrington Ontario

There are many Federated Women’s Institutes in small communities all over Ontario that work very hard to make their communities a better place. This is why I was so happy to go back to my home town of Codrington to do a presentation on pork for the Codrington Women’s Institute.

 In case you have never been to Codrington, I will give you a picture of what it is like. Codrington is a small rural town of 83 people where everyone is very friendly and warm. Codrington has a strong background in agriculture and the women’s group strives to strengthen families and the community. They have now been doing this for over a century in Codrington and continue to make a difference in this small rural town.

Last night, October 12th, 2011 twenty five participants from Codrington Women’s Institute attended the Ontario Pork presentation at the Codrington Community Center.  I delivered a presentation where I thanked them for inviting me, told them a bit about Ontario Pork and talked about pork’s nutritional value. Since I have always been taught never to go as a guest empty handed, I made sure to prepare sweet and sour pork meatballs for the participants to sample.  My mother, who also attended, prepared some delicious brownies as a dessert. 

Members of the Women’s Institute shared their favourite pork recipes and had lots of interesting questions regarding flavour enhanced pork, lean pork options, diabetic recipes and other tasty, nutritious recipes. These women are very involved in the community and I wanted to do something nice for them; so I made sure to bring some goody bags along, filled with delicious pork recipes! All in all it was a great night that made me very proud to have grown up in Codrington.


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