Ontario Early Year Center Presentations

This fall I have been visiting some of the Southern Ontario Early Years Centres (OEYC) and teaching parents and caregivers how to cook healthy meals with pork. The one and a half hour program focuses on preparing balanced meals, food safety and cooking temperatures.  I’ve been demonstrating the double dinner recipe from Ontario Pork’s new diabetic friendly recipe booklet. Not only is this recipe diabetic friendly and healthy, but kids also loved the taste and texture of this tasty dish. The double dinner is such a great recipe because it helps make dinner for two nights and uses up any leftovers. On the first night your family will be dining on a delicious savoury pulled pork, then on the second night you will use the leftover pulled pork to create a nacho casserole.

All of the parents attending these programs, along with their kids have, loved this recipe. My favourite part of these presentations is when I have to crush the tortilla chips for the nacho casserole. Kids love the crunchy sounds and are eager to join in. This is a great way to connect your children with food.  Kids are more likely to eat what you put in front of them if they get to help prepare the food in the process.

Ontario Pork does these presentations to show parents and caregivers how pork can be a simple, nutritious and tasty protein option that the whole family will love. With all of the different cuts of pork it is easy to find a recipe that can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. For more great recipes, check out our website at http://www.ontariopork.on.ca/Consumers/Recipes.aspx.

Ontario Pork has received lots of positive feedback on the Slow Cooker program and we are excited to continue with these presentations. Some of these future programs will include a focus on economical cuts and recipes, quick and easy meals that take 30 minutes or less and recipes that are easy and safe for children to help out with. Ontario Pork will be updating the program for the New Year! If you are interested in attending one of these presentations and live in Southern Ontario please contact your local OEYC and see if they hold our presentations.


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