Family Time

The New Year is the perfect time to reflect on the past and the perfect time to plan for 2012. This time of reflection often leads to a variety of resolutions of which the most common include eating healthier and spending more time with family and friends- so why not do both! Here are some easy tips to help you keep these New Year’s resolutions.

  1. Keep your goals simple and measurable. Small changes can make a huge difference.
  2. Have a family dinner on most days of the week. This might seem impossible at first so start off slow, try and think of at least two nights where everyone is home together and can sit down to a home cooked meal-even if it is only for half an hour. Research indicates that when families eat together children learn about healthy eating habits. Another benefit is that if you get your kids involved in the process you can teach them how to create healthy meals at home, a life skill that will help them for their entire lives. When you serve a delicious and healthy meal everyone benefits.
  3. Eating in is economical. Eating at home is a cheaper option than eating take-out, and it can be much healthier since you can manage portion sizes and ingredients. Get your whole family involved in the process and dinner should come together quickly for a reasonable price.

If you need a quick meal idea for a bust night use on of Ontario Pork’s 30 minute recipe booklet. This recipe booklet includes the Easiest-Ever Pork Tenderloin, Quick Pork Parmesan or Pork and Mushroom Stroganoff.


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