The Bacon Obsession

Bacon in North America, in case you are unaware, is made from the belly or side of the pig. It is cured (either dry or wet) with salt, spices, and sometimes sugar, then smoked. What is it about bacon that makes people go crazy for it? It could be the delicious crisp, the way it melts in your mouth or the salty-savory flavour that makes every dish better.

I honestly don’t get how some articles recently have been saying things like- sick of bacon yet? My unrelenting answer to that is HECK NO! I don’t understand how anyone could get sick of bacon, when used responsibly. Keep in mind that eating two pounds at the local breakfast buffet does not count as responsible, but each to their own I guess.

Here are five reasons why I and most people I know will NEVER get sick of bacon:

Reason #1: Have you tried it!? It is so delicious, plus when you cook it the aromatic smell sifts through your entire house making everyone excited for whatever you are cooking up.

Reason #2: It can be served as a sweet or savoury dish! If you don’t believe me about the sweet, try out these Bacon Twists– possibly one of the best things I have tried.

Reason #3: Lots of different flavours. People have been experimenting with bacon flavours for years. For example, maple flavoured bacon, served perfectly with pancakes in the morning.

Reason #4: It makes everything taste better. Here, let’s play a game. What would you rather eat: Mac n’ Cheese? Or Mac n Cheese with bacon in it? Chicken? Or chicken wrapped in bacon? I think you get the picture.

Reason #5: Different cultures have different versions of bacon- so get out there and experience some culture! Italians have pancetta, Canadians have peameal bacon or “Canadian” bacon, and in the UK and Ireland an individual slice of bacon is called a rasher. So get out there and find out what your favorite is!


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