Lean Cuts of Pork

Did you know that pork tenderloin contains less fat than a boneless skinless chicken breast? It’s true! Pork tenderloin contains only 1.3g of fat, while chicken contains 1.7g. Other lean cuts of pork that contain under 5g of fat include: pork loin center steak, pork rib roast, pork shoulder blade boneless chop, pork sirloin steak and pork rib chop.

Pork producers and retailers have responded to the consumer demand for leaner products. You might be asking yourself how pork got to be such a lean meat and the answer comes down to how farmers now raise their hogs. Enhanced genetics and animal nutrition have lead to a leaner product. Other factors contributing to leaner meat include retail merchandising specifications for little or no visible fat.

Canada’s Food Guide Recommends adult females consume two servings of lean meat & alternatives daily while adult males should get through three a day. Eating pork is part of a healthy and balanced diet as it is low in fat and contains many essential nutrients that your body needs to maintain health. So next time your at the meat counter, don’t forget to Put more Pork on Your Fork!


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