Menu planning with EatRight Ontario

Have you ever thought how nice it would be to go through the week without worrying about being asked the question “What’s for dinner?” For many it takes a lot of effort to figure out what to eat for dinner, never mind the added pressure of making it healthy, balanced and preparing it in a reasonable amount of time.

One toll that will help you manage your week night meals is a menu plan. It;s amazing how putting aside one hour on Sunday can save you time all week. Don;t believe me? Take a moment and think about all of the time multiple trips to the grocery store takes up because you forgot something, and the time spent looking in the fridge trying to figure out what to cook. Add in the fact that you are more likely to poor health choices when you don’t have a plan and the nagging from your children that there is “nothing to eat in the house”. If you have planned snacks your kids will know what to grab, or if they do ask you can offer suggestions that are easy and on hand.

EatRight Ontario offers an amazing an amazing menu planning program which includes sample menus, to get your creative juices flowing; a template for you to write your own; and tips on how to make meal times more successful. These suggestions are great, for example, my favourite is when you are writing out your grocery list, write the list under columns such as meat, produce, grain and dairy so that you know what you need to get based on the different areas of the grocery store. Smart! This list will save you time at the store and prevent you from forgetting anything, which ultimately helps you avoid those mid week grocery store trips. This list will also help stop you from buying unnecessary extras (do you really need the triple chocolate cookies?)

Check out the site to help save money, time and make healthier choices!


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