Foodland Ontario 2012

♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ “Good things grow in Ontario” ♪ ♫ ♪. This jingle is now well known all over Ontario, but did you know that Foodland supports way more than just local produce? They represent all Ontario producers, including those farmers who work hard to bring meat, dairy products, grains and yes fresh produce to the table of Ontarians everyday!

When the Foodland program began in 1977, the advertising message informed consumers of the wide variety and availability of Ontario-grown food products.  Both the theme line “Good things grow in Ontario” and the Foodland Ontario symbol encouraged consumers to buy Ontario by promoting and identifying quality Ontario products.  The advertising message has evolved even further over the years to include the economic benefits of buying local and including a wider range of different commodity groups including pork.

Foodland Ontario is a long-established consumer promotion program of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. From its inception in 1977, Foodland Ontario has partnered with producers, commodity groups and industry to encourage consumers to buy Ontario-produced fresh and processed agricultural products. One of the main objectives of the program is to maintain 80% consumer intent to purchase Ontario products. This program helps get the “buy local, buy Ontario” message out on behalf of Ontario producers.

Foodland’s focus is encouraging consumers to buy fresh, locally grown, high quality products. And it also encourages consumers to put their trust in Ontario farmers, in their products and in their contribution to the fabric of Ontario’s society and economy.

Next time you’re in a grocery store look for the Foodland Ontario symbol when you’re shopping for meat, dairy, grains and produce. The Foodland symbol is an easy way for you to identify Ontario foods in grocery stores, farmers’ markets, and on-farm markets.

For some delicious pork recipes chock full of fresh Ontario products check out their site at:


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