Healthy School Lunches

As September approaches, students are preparing to go back to school, and with school comes lunches. Making lunches is not always easy.  Kids want certain unhealthy snacks in their lunch, while parents want something that is fast, easy and healthy for their kids. Many parents wonder, will their children eat all of those healthy items? Or just trade/ throw them out? It is hard to find the right balance between healthy, tasty, quick and easy, but it is not impossible.

First, you want to make them a balanced meal; this will help get your kids through the day. In fact, kids who eat healthy, well balanced meals typically do better in school.  This is because they are better able to focus on their studies, as they stay fuller for longer- focusing on their work rather than their stomachs.

So how do you juggle all of these factors to ensure your child eats their lunch? By putting a twist on the classics and using leftovers. As you are trying to get all four food groups from Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide- why not get your protein, dairy, vegetable and grains all in the same dish?  Nothing is easier and more delicious then a casserole with everything in one bowl. Try out my favourite recipe, which is a healthy twist on the classic Mac N’Cheese- Whole Wheat Mac N’ Cheese with Ham and Peas.  This hearty meal will be sure to fill you up, perfect as we move into the fall season.

This meal contains all four food groups, is economical, as you can use leftover ham from the dinner the night before and is fast and easy to make. You can put this meal in your child’s lunch served cold or warm. Give it a try, your kids will be sure to love it!


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