Cooking on Your Own

If it is your first time moving out on your own, whether it is for school or a new job, it is a very exciting time, full of change and I’ll admit it- a steep learning curve. Suddenly, all of those little life lessons about how to budget, balance work/ social life and how to cook a healthy and delicious meal becomes so much more important.

For me, this time was right after my first year at University.  Going into second year, I no longer had a meal plan where the school cooked for me all the time.  I definitely didn’t have my mom cooking for me anymore.  Suddenly I found myself calling my mom in the middle of dinner, wondering what EXACTLY goes into her cheese sauce?  I also asked myself,  how long does it take to cook a pork chop in the oven anyways?

These years are great for cooking, as long as you go into it realizing that some of your meals will be fantastic, some will be so-so and others will be the worst experiment you have ever tried (Tip: Always read the recipe in advance!)

Living on your own for the first time you need to find a way to eat healthy meals that taste good and fit in your budget. Here are some great recipes that do just that! Remember, pork is currently the most economical cut of meat on the market. It is currently less expensive than chicken and beef. Pork is also chock full of essential nutrients that are important for your health, making it the perfect protein for those on a budget.

Ontario Pork offers a 30 Minute Meals recipe booklet that should get you well on your way to cooking up some fast, easy, healthy and delicious meals. Some recipes that are included in this resource include: Quick Pork Parmesan, Pork  & Mushroom Stroganoff, Tasty Tex-Mex Tacos, 20-Minute Chili and more.  Enjoy your new found freedom and explore the kitchen!


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