Economical cooking Videos

Ontario Pork has created new online recipe videos with some practical and economical tips to help consumers save money and time.

Often times you can find large pork cuts at your local meat counter for a discounted price.  Many consumers hesitate to purchase such large cuts, such as a whole pork loin, because they don’t know what to do with such a large amount of meat. The trick to buying in bulk and saving money is to butcher the larger cut into portions suitable for your personal needs or family size. The new videos show that one pork loin can make four delicious meals including a roast, stir-fry, schnitzel and chops. These videos show people all the great, nutritious and diverse meals that can come from one pork product.

Using the oven, stove top or grill, the one to two minute videos take consumers from simple meal preparation through to the final cooked meal.

The videos are available on several online food and culinary channels as well as Ontario Pork’s YouTube channel at


2 thoughts on “Economical cooking Videos

    1. Exactly, the tip of buying in bulk can apply to many other foodstuff, as long as it is not a parishable food item. A little creativity and planning can go along way to make your meals more nutritious and save you some cash.

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