Food Trends & Pork for 2013

McCormicks Flavour Forecast® for 2013 was just released on Dec 10th, 2012. McCormick® has been on the forefront of identifying emerging culinary trends since 2000. From flavours on the verge of widespread appeal, to subtle undercurrents just beginning to materialize, these trends have the potential to significantly change the culinary world.

To develop this report, McCormick assembles a dynamic group of experts—chefs, culinary kitchens, sensory scientists, dietitians, trend trackers, marketing experts and food technologists—from locations

around the globe who developed the following emerging trends:

No Apologies Necessary – Diving headfirst into sumptuous flavors to enjoy the gratification of a momentary escape.

I feel as though bacon, and pork belly for that matter, completely epitomize the very idea of “No apologies necessary”. The fatty richness of pork belly just spells gratification and escape. In the future I can see pork belly increasing in popularity in high end restaurants, being paired with unique flavours that are also luxurious such as dark chocolate and cayenne pepper to awaken the senses.

Personally Handcrafted – A hands-on approach to showcasing the very best of ourselves.

This trend does not surprise me, I have noticed that many ‘pinners’ on Pinterest have a board (or two) for recipes. I think consumers really want to get “back to basics” and make things from scratch when practical. Everyone wants to create a winning dish that they can call their own.

Empowered Eating – Creating health and wellness harmony through a highly personalized, flexible approach.

In this day and age the consumer is empowered. Never has a consumer had more information about their food readily available to them. Nutrition is a growing field, as consumers learn more about how food can nurture their bodies. The Chinese are huge consumers of pork and also believe strongly in the medicinal uses of food. As long ago as 652 A.D. a Chinese physician called Sun Shu Mao had a book published entitled ‘One Thousand Ounces of Pure Gold’ which had pork listed as a treatment for night blindness and other ailments.


Hidden Potential – A waste-not mentality, uncovering the fullest flavors from every last part of the ingredient

This is an important one, moving back to nose to tail eating has already started with chefs publishing cook books on this specific topic. I think we are going to see less commonly used cuts more often in restaurants such as pork jowel (which is very tender) and hocks.

Global My Way – Discovering the unlimited flavor possibilities of global ingredients, beyond traditional roles in “ethnic” cuisines.

I think that consumers often times don’t want to just eat when they go out, they want to have a culinary adventure. That is the beauty of going to an ethnic restaurant; you get a taste of the culture without going too far out of your comfort zone. I think consumers everywhere like new flavours with one thing that is routed in the familiar. I think that tasting trays and sharing appetizers will be big in that you can try something new, but you did not have to commit to a whole meal of it.


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