My Top 5 Pork Dishes

120822-Ontario_Pork 3633There are so many delicious and healthy pork recipes, it is hard to choose a favourite. Pork is my preferred protein choice because it is so versatile. Below are my top 5 pork dishes. What are your favourite pork dishes?

Pulled Pork- This recipe is obviously a classic, and a crowd pleaser at that. My favourite recipe for this is Root Beer Pulled Pork, which can be found at the link above. It is amazing how simple this dish is to make. Simply place a pork shoulder in the slow cooker with 2 cups of liquid and let the magic happen! Also, as a tip, I add garlic into the slow cooker, to give the meat a bit of an extra kick.
Candied Bacon- Everyone should try this! Rub brown sugar and a mix of a few other spices on the outside of thick cut bacon strips. Twist the bacon strips and cook them in the oven. It is a simple recipe that can look very elegant. This is the perfect blend of sweet and salty. If you have never tried this before I urge you to pick up a pack of bacon and try this tonight!
Saskatoon Sweet & Soy Pork Tenderloin- This meal is delicious, and healthy! Make this pork tenderloin and serve it over mixed greens, sliced strawberries and goat cheese. If you don’t have Saskatoon berries, since we are in Ontario, I would suggest using blueberries.
BBQ back ribs- I love back ribs. They generally have more meat on them and are more tender, although that often makes them more expensive than side ribs. The link will lead you to a “How to cook the best pork ribs” page, because I love ribs so much, I just could not pick a favourite recipe!
Won-Ton Soup- Perfect on a cold day, I love eating Won-Ton soup. I make these delicious dumplings ahead of time and freeze them so that I can make many bowls, or one at a time depending on my needs.


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