Heart Month

j0386387To raise awareness February has been named Heart Month by the Heart & Stroke Foundation. Heart disease and stroke take 1 in 3 Canadians before their time. It is the #1 killer of women in Canada, taking more female lives than all cancers combined.

While those numbers are shocking, there is good news for Canadians. It’s possible to change the odds against heart disease and stroke.  How you might ask? By taking action to reduce the risk factors that are within your control which include making healthy food choices, exercising and managing your stress levels. Through developing healthy habits you can change risk factors like high blood pressure, eating an unhealthy diet, being physically inactive, smoking or being overweight.

All pork trimmed of visible fat, except for ribs and bacon have been approved for the Heart & Strokes Health Check Program. For recipes visit: http://www.heartandstroke.on.ca/site/c.pvI3IeNWJwE/b.3581981/k.858B/Recipes__Meat.htm

Nine out of 10 people have at least one risk factor, and 40 % have three or more. The Heart and Stroke Foundation website, www.heartandstroke.ca, is full of information and tools to help Canadians understand their individual risk factors and start making changes.


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