New to the Grill? Pizza!

120823-Ontario Pork 3689

Pizza on the grill is all the rage, and a great way to please the family on pizza night, without heating up the house. Easy, fast and delicious! I will let you know how to create a masterful BBQ Pizza. What do you need?

  1. Some store bought or homemade pizza dough. Divide the dough into six different balls and let everyone make their own personal pizza. Have fun stretching out the dough and tossing it in the air like a real Italian chef! Once the BBQ is on medium-high heat place the dough directly on the greased rack. Flip it after two minutes and it is ready to put on the toppings.
  2. Classic tomato sauce, alfredo or pesto? Get creative with your sauce.
  3. As for veggies, make it as colourful as you like. Encourage your kids to make their pizza bright like a rainbow.
  4. Don’t forget the flavour enhancer – pork. Add whatever pork-a-licious toppings you are craving whether that be bacon, pepperoni or sausage. This will add some protein to your pizza and a lot of flavour.
  5. Say cheese – top off with your favourite cheese, whether that is the classic mozzarella or something adventurous like brie.

For an example of how creative you can get with these easy, fast and delicious BBQ pizza’s check out the following recipe for BBQ Pizza… with peaches, prosciutto and goats cheese.


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