Honey and Pork for Ontario Honey Month

Pork and Honey

What’s that buzzing sound? Did you know October is Honey Month? Having a whole month dedicated to Ontario honey just makes sense! Ontario Pork is a proud partner of the Ontario Beekeepers Association and loves working with them.

You may not know this, but Ontario honey offers an incredible array of flavours depending on the flowers visited and the region of origin. The sweet honeydew (from trees) or nectar (from flowers) that is gathered by the bees, stored and matured in the hive, and processed carefully by the beekeeper gives each honey its specific flavours, strength or mildness, colour and consistency.

In Ontario you will discover a range of wonderful honeys. Beekeepers offer wildflower, blueberry, lavender, basswood, goldenrod, clover and summer blossom varieties. Try out the different flavors in your favorite pork and honey recipes.

Learn more about Ontario’s honey producers at http://www.ontariohoney.ca/ and make sure to try out our delicious pork recipes that include honey. The combination of pork and honey is a classic, and for good reason! For all of our recipes that contain honey click here. My favorite pork and honey combination is Honey Garlic Back Ribs. Give it a try today!


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