Webinar: Balancing the discussion on dietary fats, protein and iron

pork steak lean

Hi everyone!

This post is a little unusual today, but I wanted everyone to have an opportunity to view this presentation. WARNING: This presentation was aimed at health professionals and thus will have some medical mumbo-jumbo that not everyone will understand.

What I wanted to emphasize is that nutrition is a fairly new science (as far as science goes) and is constantly evolving. I want to encourage consumers and health professionals alike to be critical of nutrition advice they receive, and think before they act or propagate information that may or may not be correct. Above all else, I would like to encourage everyone to apply common sense to their diet and use moderation. No foods are evil and all can be a part of a healthy diet.

With this being said, Ontario Pork asked three experts in their respective fields to discuss recent research on key nutrients commonly associated with meat consumption. Follow the link below and listen to the presentation for more information!



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