Bacon Mints: Yes, No and Not So Bad

Bacon Mints

With “Bacon Mania” more and more bacon novelty items are coming out of the woods; from bacon toothpicks to bacon cologne. So when I got my hands on some bacon mints I decided to do a small survey (sample size of 10 people) to see how this product stacks up against the real deal- fresh bacon!

Packaging: All 10 of our group liked the packaging, and thought it was cute.

Taste: We had 6 people say no they would not like to eat it again, 3 say it was “not so bad” and 1 say that they liked it and would certainly eat it again.

Concluding Statements: This novelty item would be great to give to the bacon lover in your life. The cute tin would allow them to show off this product to all of their friends. As far as consuming this product, it will not freshen your breath, and the bacon flavor is not overwhelming, but with 40% of respondents saying that they would eat it again I think Uncle Oinker might just have a niche market on his hands!

When compared with real fresh bacon how does the product stack up? In truth, this was never a fair fight- nothing can beat real bacon!

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