Grilled Prosciutto and Asparagus Bundles

I just had to write about this recipe! It is so simple and it tastes sooo good. Grilled Prosciutto and Asparagus Bundles are amazing! See the recipe below or visit for this delicious side dish and more!

Grilled Prosciutto and Asparagus Bundles

Recipe courtesy of Foodland Ontario

Yield: Serves 6
Cooking Time: 5 minutes
Preparation Time: 5 minutes

36 thin spears fresh Ontario asparagus (about 1 bunch)
Olive oil
Salt and pepper
12 thin slices prosciutto (some specialty meat shops make their own from Ontario pork)

Cooking Instructions

  1. Wash and break asparagus stalks where they snap easily; discard ends. Dry and toss with oil and season with salt and pepper. Bundle 3 spears together; wrap 1 piece of prosciutto around asparagus.
  2. Place bundles on greased grill over medium to medium-high heat; grill, turning occasionally, until asparagus is bright green and tender and prosciutto is crisp, about 5 minutes. Drizzle bundles with olive oil.

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