Eating Together, Potluck Style!

Herb Roasted Rack of Pork

Get in the Christmas spirit already! By get in the spirit, I mean slow down and enjoy! This time of year always seems to pass by in a flash. Slow down and enjoy the little moments together with family and friends. Whether you enjoy making a simple meal with your family and friends, siting by the fireplace with some hot cocoa or decorating a gingerbread house. Whatever your traditions are, make sure to stop and enjoy these moments.

To help you put on the brakes, why not make your dinner or lunch gathering a potluck? If your mom makes the best sausage stuffing, ask her to bring that along. Your sibling makes the best to-die-for desserts? Ask them to bring along a dessert. You can serve up just one element of the dinner or lunch and the rest will fall into place when your guests arrive. How fantastic is that!

Some of our best potluck recipes include Root Beer Pulled Pork, Weeknight Pork Pizza Meatballs and 20- Minute Chili.

What is your go to potluck meal?

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