Boxing Day Brunch

Bacon Waffles

Brunch is a favourite at my house, and a Boxing Day tradition. Probably because it takes the best of breakfast and the best of lunch. Even better, there are no rules! If you want to serve up seafood and a roast with waffles, omelets and breakfast sausage- that is no problem.

 Today, I am going to share a family tradition from my house. Specifically, this is something that my 92 year old grandmother has passed down to us grandchildren. Bacon waffles! The waffle maker my grandmother gave to me just a few years ago, (see image above) has cooked up many family waffles over the years.

At first, you might think, what!? Bacon waffles? But it is very tasty, I guarantee! The culinary world has long accepted that salt, and salty foods, enhance sweet flavours, such as maple syrup in this case.

What you need to do is cook up around five slices of bacon until crisp. Make extra for munching on later. Take the five slices and crumble them into your favourite waffle batter. Mix until just combined. It is just that simple! The waffles taste fantastic with butter and maple syrup. If you are a fan, it is similar in taste to dipping your breakfast sausages in maple syrup. Yummy!


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