Super Foods as a New Year’s Resolution

Pork chop shutterstock_8709886

Happy New Year! Ontario Pork has some super foods to help you get all of the nutrients you will be needing in 2015. Try out some Pork Tex-Mex Soup to help keep you warm! Or maybe you need to brighten up your day with some Italian Stuffed Peppers with Pork. If all else fails, start off tomorrow morning with our Healthy Farmers Casserole.

No one super food contains all of the nutrients you need to stay well nourished. This is why health professionals encourage variety in your diet. The real key to staying super healthy is to eat an assortment of foods from each of the four food groups in Canada’s Food Guide. Keep in mind that super foods do not have to be trendy, exotic or expensive to be good for you. Many nutrient dense foods are grown and produced right here in Ontario.

For the full super foods recipe booklet click here.


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