Ham and Pea Pasta Frittata for the Holidays

December is here, and for my family this signifies that every single weekend between now and the holidays is about to be booked. Solid. I’m very much looking forward to the festive gatherings that lay ahead, but also know that this means temporarily waving goodbye … More Ham and Pea Pasta Frittata for the Holidays


Spring Time Maple Ham and Asparagus Strata for Mother’s Day

Ontario Pork’s recipe for Maple Ham and Asparagus Strata is the perfect all-in-one meal for a no-fuss brunch, lunch or dinner. This recipe is perfect for a Mother’s Day get together. Give it a try! Maple Ham and Asparagus Strata Recipe and picture courtesy of Foodland Ontario. Yield: 6 to 8 Cooking Time: 1 hour Preparation Time: … More Spring Time Maple Ham and Asparagus Strata for Mother’s Day

Boxing Day Brunch

Brunch is a favourite at my house, and a Boxing Day tradition. Probably because it takes the best of breakfast and the best of lunch. Even better, there are no rules! If you want to serve up seafood and a roast with waffles, omelets and breakfast sausage- that is no problem.  Today, I am going … More Boxing Day Brunch

Protein in the AM

Make sure your breakfasts are high in protein to help keep you fuller for longer throughout the day! : ) Click here for some delicious high protein breakfast options such as Scrambled Egg & Ham Muffins, Palace Poached Eggs with Peameal Bacon, and the Breakfast Ham Foccacia.

Canada’s Bacon

Canada, when compared to other countries is relatively young, if you call 144 years young. Although Canada is new to being its own country it has had a bit of time to create delicacies and flavours that Canada is now known for all over the world. One of these important flavours is our “Canadian” or … More Canada’s Bacon